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OMHA Age Reference Chart and Otonabee Minor Hockey Fees 2018-2019


Birth Year

Fee Prior to July 15th




$ 500.00

$ 150.00

Minor Novice


$ 600.00

$ 150.00



$ 600.00

$ 150.00



$ 740.00

$ 150.00



$ 740.00

$ 150.00



$ 740.00

$ 150.00



$ 740.00

$ 150.00


not offered this season

not offered this season

not applicable



Registration must be complete by July 15, 2019.  The $150 late fee always applies after this date.  This is now an automated process so there are no exceptions.

We offer a Family Discount of $50.00 for each child beyond the first (when registered at the same time).


Once again, we are using an Online Registration system – It’s fast, and convenient.  You must pay by credit card but it allows you to pay in full or installments.


We are offering two “In-Person” Registration Sessions for registration (see below for details).

1.   If you are struggling with online registration we can help here

2.   If you need to pay by cash, cheque or e-transfer it is only accepted here (you may also use credit card)


If you have to pay by cash, cheque or E-Transfer You must attend the “In-person” registration. Cheques - Minimum of $100.00 deposit due at registration and post-dated cheques to be paid in full by Sept 1st are required upon registration. In all cases registration must be paid in full by Sept 1st.


No child can be guaranteed a spot until payment is received



All players (new and returning) should register through the on-line Hockey Canada Registration (HCR) site

It is easy, fast and convenient!

You may pay in full or incremental payments

You will now be able to create an account, register and pay for your child via a secure on line payment provider and print your own receipts

All discounts are automated and will appear at your checkout

Register all your children at one time to ensure multi-player discounts are applied

Credit card onl(if you wish to pay by cash or cheque or e-transfer see “In-Person” Registration

****To access Online Registration you must use this link: 



We will offer two “In-Person Registrations”
When and Where: Session 1 is Thursday June 20th from 6:00 to 8:00pm at the Keene Firehall.  Session 2 is Sunday July 1st from 10:00 to 12:00 pm at the Keene Firehall during the Canada Day celebration.
You may pay by cash, cheque or credit card, e-transfer

If you are registering a new player please bring a copy of their birth certificate for our records.

Special Note for our Initiation Program (IP)

Otonabee Minor Hockey IP Goals:

1.      Provide effective initiation hockey programming to all Otonabee residents who want it.

2.      Provide effective initiation hockey programming to all returning players.

3.      Provide effective initiation hockey programming to new players who are not Otonabee residents.

Our initiation programming follows the Hockey Canada development models and complies with the OMHA guidelines for IP hockey

To maintain effective programming we must limit the number of participants on the ice. We can accept 90 IP players for the 2019-20 season (Our IP program is for players under 7 years of age as of December 31st). 


Initiation Program Registration Process:

We will accept registrations in a priority order:

1)      Otonabee residents

2)      Returning players from last season

3)      Siblings of returning players

4)      All other players

To start, we will register all priority 1 and 2 players.  There are 66 potential returning under-7 players from last season.  We expect between 25 and 30 openings for new players this season.

We will accept registrations from priority 3 and 4 players but will not guarantee them spots in the program.  They will all be placed on the priority 3 and 4 waiting lists based on the dates they register.

We will register up to 80 participants and leave 10 openings available for late registering Otonabee residents.  These 10 openings will be held starting September 1st and any unused spots released by October 15th. 

We will maintain 2 waiting lists for the priority 3, and 4 players.  All priority 3 players will be offered open spots before priority 4 players.  Each of the waiting lists will be sorted based on the date the player registered or (if registration is closed) the date they contacted the registrar (in writing) to register.


The registration process it the same.  You may complete the process online or at one of our "In-Person" registration

Log on to the Hockey Canada Registration (HCR) site using the link below and complete the registration process. 


Make sure all information added is correct.  ***If you child is 9 years of age or over and this is their first year playing you cannot use the online registration.  Please email the registrar at [email protected]

You will be required to submit a copy of your child’s birth certificate prior to starting hockey.  This can be emailed to the registrar at:  [email protected]

If you are registering your first player ever as a parent for hockey in Ontario you must complete the Respect in Sport Parent Course mandated by the OMHA.  See below.


Do not complete the course until your child is registered as you must link your completed course to your child’s HCR profile. If you complete the course before you have registered your child it creates a problem with the registry and you will have to contact the registrar to fix it.


If you have played hockey in another center and wish to register in Otonabee this season, please email the registrar at [email protected]  The registrar must create a transfer from your previous association to Otonabee to enable you to register in Otonabee.  This typically takes a few days to process.



Please do not complete the course until your child is registered as you must link your completed course to your child’s HCR profile. If you complete the course before you register your child you have no one to link your certificate to and this creates a clerical problem!

It is true that no child can be rostered on a team until this course is completed.  


Only One parent is required to complete the Respect in Sport Parent Course (RISP), again this is done after your child has been registered.  This is a one-time only course. 



Parent Course website:



Having a problem linking your course to your child’s profile?

If when you go to link your course completion to your child’s profile and it cannot find your child in the system make sure the name and birth date are exactly as entered in your child’s registration.  For example Rob vs Robert will cause an error.  If you have tried any possibilities contact the registrar to help find your child’s profile.

If you have another child starting hockey and you have already completed the course for a previous child, YOU MUST go back into your login at the Respect in Sport website and link your newest player to you completed course.



To support "everyone can play" opportunities for children, please contact one of the groups in the attachment if you are in need of some financial help!


To request a refund, please email your request to the registrar at [email protected]

·       Prior to 1st scheduled ice time, the refund amount is the full registration cost less $25

·       Before October 15 - 75% refund

·       After October 15 and before December 1st - 50% refund

·       After December 1st - No refunds


Levels of Play

Otonabee Minor Hockey tries to offer 2 levels of play: Representative and Local League (also known as LEO League).  We do not adhere to the major/minor system so all players with residential compliancy are welcome to try out for the Rep Team regardless of whether they are in their major or minor year of a given division. 


Important to any player planning on playing at the Rep level at another center *** All Otonabee Residential players must register with our organization each season.  If you do not register with us the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) will not allow you to go to any other organization to play Rep hockey for any reason.

For example, if after registration there aren’t enough players for us to organize a Rep team in a given division, only the players that have registered with us will be allowed by the OMHA to try out for another rep team.  This does not apply to house league players.



All players who want to play with Otonabee Minor Hockey are welcome.  However we must adhere to the OMHA rules and regulations.  Any player across the province can come and play in our Leo League (House League.)  There is no restriction and you need no release from your current organization to play in Otonabee.  

However, if your intention is to play on our Rep teams there is a restriction enforced by the OMHA based on your residency.  This eligibility requirement can be found in the OMHA Handbook.  Also in many cases you must be registered with your home association before you can be allowed to change centers


Proof of age:

All new registrants will be required to provide a copy of their Birth Certificate at the time of registration.



The registrant will always register for the age appropriate division based on the OMHA Age Reference Chart for the current year.  


It is possible to play up or down a division but this is a case-by-case decision made by the Otonabee Minor Hockey Executive according to our operating procedures.  A movement must also be approved by the OMHA.  It is the exception, not the rule.

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