Affiliated Player Process and Designation Policy (Otonabee Minor Hockey)

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Otonabee Minor Hockey
Affiliated Player Process & Designation Process

The purpose of the Affiliated Player (AP) program is to provide the opportunity for further development and experience, and to provide relief in the event of illness, injury and or absenteeism. AP Players may not be used to substitute for a ‘healthy scratch’ of a team player.


  • OMHA Regulation 7.1b): Players will not be used or assigned as an affiliate player without the consent of the management of the team with whom he is registered. All teams must strictly adhere to this ruling.
  • Prior to signing an AP Player to your team, the player’s rostered Coach must be consulted and sign the OMHA ‘Offer of Affiliation’ form.
  • A player’s priority of commitment must be to his own rostered team games, practice & team events.
  • The designation process for all Affiliate Players (Goalies & Skaters) within

Otonabee Minor Hockey will be as such:

            - LL level to LL level (ie. LL Atom to LL Peewee)

            - LL level to Rep level within the same division.

            - Direct Rep level to Rep level.


All Offers of Affiliation that involves a crossover to a higher division or for any other

circumstances in contravention to the process set forth must receive Otonabee Minor Hockey Executive approval.


Participation In Games

  • AP’s are to be used to fill gaps, not to augment lineups.
  • For games, teams will only be allowed to call up AP’s to match the number of players listed on their OMHA approved roster sheet. The only exceptions are as follows.  A rep team rostering only one Goalie is affiliating a back up Goalie 
  • For tournaments, where a team may wish to augment their bench in case of an injury or suspension.

 Ice Time For Affiliated Players Will Be As Follows:

  • An affiliated player may see minimal or no ice time in a game they have been called up for.                            -
  • All affiliated players may be invited to participate in team practices, bearing in mind that the affiliated players primary team responsibilities must come first.                   
  •  an AP may take regular shifts with an affiliated team. 
  • If there is only one Goalie rostered, an affiliated Goalie can be called up but the rostered Goalie must start the game. This will not apply if the Goalie is absent.  If an AP Goalie is required for an away tournament, she/he must play in least one game.

The decision of who will be an AP for any game is the discretion of the coach of the affiliated team through consultation with the coach of the rostered team.                                                                                                                    

The maximum number of games an AP can play will be set at 10 games.  This does not include tournaments or exhibition games.  Note: This can be reviewed/changed under certain circumstances. Approval must be given on a game to game basis by the rostered coach for each game over the maximum 10

Both coach’s and President or Vice President must sign off each time   The 24 hr rule still applies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

The maximum number of games one player can play in one day is three.

An AP must play for his/her own rostered team before playing for the affiliated team.

During playoffs, rostered teams that have a playoff game on the same day the affiliated team is in a tournament, the AP will not be allowed to play in the tournament.

The coach of the AP’s rostered team MUST be notified of your intent to use the player with a minimum of 24 hours notice.  Failure to do so could lead to suspension.