Fundraising and Sponsorship Policy (Otonabee Minor Hockey)

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Otonabee Minor Hockey Fundraising and Sponsorship Policy

Fundraising & Sponsorship - Association Level

It is the policy of Otonabee Minor Hockey to keep hockey as affordable as possible for its players and families.  As such, fundraising activities and sponsorship opportunities from local businesses may be needed in order to mitigate cost escalation.  Players and/or families will be asked to participate in fundraisers that benefit the association as a whole.


Fundraising & Sponsorship - Team Level

For the purpose of this policy, we would like to note that fundraising refers only to activities that involve members of the public or persons other than player families.  We understand that there are several collections made within teams and we do not intend to regulate those at this time.


It should be made clear at a parent meeting prior to any fundraising that you are fundraising as a team.  This must also be made clear to the people who are supporting the fundraiser.  A minimum of 75% of a team must be in agreement to fund raise.  Members of the team are expected to participate in all fundraisers.  All profits must be shared equally.


You may not use the Otonabee Minor Hockey Association as the organization for the fundraiser if the proceeds are not going to the whole organization.  A specific team and the purpose of the fundraising needs to be indicated.


A team must consider when fundraising that they are in the eye of the public.  Therefore, proper conduct in all activities must be followed at all times.  Only quality items should be considered when choosing fundraising items.


All fundraisers must have an end date, lasting no longer than one month.  The exception to this rule, is 50/50 draws.  All teams are welcome to offer 50/50 draws at all home games, however it must still be approved by the Executive using the process indicated below.


Teams are permitted to fund raise for two “events” per season (ie: 2 tournaments or 1 tournament & 1 set team warm-up suits) (Any additional requests will be considered by the executive for extenuating circumstances only)  50/50 draws do not count towards this.


Fundraising or sponsorship may only be conducted or accepted for the following purposes:

  • Tournament Entry Fees
  • Apparel - from our approved supplier
  • Year End Celebration (team members only)

 No team shall be permitted to hold bank accounts in the name of Otonabee Minor Hockey.


All player registration and any related fees must be paid in full prior to submitting a request to fund raise.


All remaining monies must be returned to families by March 13, 2020 and cannot be carried over for the next season.


Once a team has determined that they would like to fund raise, the team manager must submit a request for fundraising or sponsorship to the executive in writing using the Fundraising & Sponsorship Request Form.  The form must be submitted a minimum of one week prior to the next executive meeting for approval before the planned start of any fundraising.   All requests will only be considered when presented at the monthly executive meeting.  All requests should include information on the fundraiser itself, anticipated income and intended expense  Teams must then submit a report on the actual income and expense within one week of the event/purpose that funds have been raised for.


The application form can be downloaded from our website and filled out.  Once completed, please e-mail request to:


[email protected]

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